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Bioscape Tropic Canister Filter 800 lphThe Bioscape Tropic Canister Filter 800 gives superior performance & and enhanced reliability. Powerful and silent operation and is easy to set up. Comes with a versatile hose adaptor inlet and outlet valve. The Aqua Pro Canister Filter 800 is designed with individual filter basket for maximised filtration efficiency.

  • Suitable for Fresh & Salt water Aquariums and Fish Tank.
  • Smart Start Pump for Simple Setup.
  • Multiple Media Basket Compartments for Layered Filtering.
  • Versatile Hose Adaptor Inlet & Outlet Valve and Spraybar Return Option.
  • Powerful and Silent Operation
  • 800 L/PH
  • SuitsAquariums up to 250L

Bioscape Tropic Canister Filter 800lph

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