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TetraCichlid™ Floating Sticks provide a hearty diet to medium and large cichlids. This scientifically-developed, protein rich food features the ProCare formula that helps support fish immune system health and does not cloud water when used as directed. Natural color enhancer works to bring out the color of your fish. TetraCichlid Floating Pellets are ideal for top and mid-water feeding cichlids.


Tetra Cichlid Sticks are a floating pellet which remains on the surface of the water for easy feeding access. The pellets are enhanced with Vitamin C and the patented, health enhancing ProCare blend from TetraMin®


Tetra Cichlid sticks are not just suitable for large cichlids but are ideal for  large freshwater fish too, providing a free-floating hearty diet. 


Tetra Cichlid food is rich in protein, vitamins and nutrients perfectly blended to meet the dietary requirements of cichlids and its patented formula promises a healthy life and a guarantee of the best growth and developmental results from your fish.


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