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Aqua One Moray Aquarium Pumps provide water circulation and aeration in freshwater and salt water aquariums. The latest range of Moray pumps are energy efficient, quiet, reliable and are available in a range of sizes to suit various aquatic environments

Suitable for: Cold water, Tropical & Marine

  • Fully submersible
  • Oil free motor ensures no toxic chemicals are released into the aquarium
  • Multi-purpose - can also be used for running devices such as protein skimmers, fountains, waterfalls and ponds (applies to 2300, 3600, 4900 series only)
  • Can be easily taken apart for cleaning
  • Very quiet operation
  • Reliable and efficient
  • All materials are salt water resistant
  • 2 + 1 year Guarantee
  • CodeModelMax Flow RateMax Head HeightOutlet SizeDimensions (cm)Wattage
    11348Moray 360600 L/H0.86 m9, 12 mm7.5L x 5W x 6H6.5 W
    11349Moray 480720 L/H0.96 m9, 12 mm7.5L x 5W x 6H8.5 W
    11352Moray 13001100 L/H1.40 m16 mm11.5L x 8W x 10H14.6 W
    11354Moray 23002200 L/H2.20 m16, 19 mm16L x 11W x 11H30 W
    11357Moray 36003600 L/H3.40 m16, 19, 25 mm19.5L x 12W x 13H79 W
    11358Moray 49004800 L/H3.60 m16, 19, 25 mm19.5L x 12W x 13H100 W


Moray 480 Powerhead 720LH 0.96 Mh H

SKU: AH11349