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The Aqua Zonic Sumo G2 Amphibious Sump Pump is a powerful and versatile pump that can be used in a variety of aquarium and pond applications.
Amphibious, meaning it can be used fully submersed or externally as a wet/dry pump.
It is also equipped with a motor with overheat protection for increased durability.
The pump is wear-resistant and silent during operation.


  • Amphibious design
  • Electronic components are encapsulated in Epoxy Resin
  • Motor with overheat protection
  • Wear-resistant ceramic shaft
  • Silent operation
  • Freshwater and Marine

Aqua Zonic Sumo G2-1 Aquarium Sump Pump 
Max Output: 1200 L/PH
Power Consumption: 12w
Max Head: 1.5m

Aqua Zonic Sumo G2-2 Aquarium Sump Pump
Max Output: 1800 L/PH
Power Consumption: 18w
Max Head: 2.2m

Aqua Zonic Sumo G2-3 Aquarium Sump Pump
Max Output: 3000 L/PH
Power Consumption: 30w
Max Head: 2.6m

Aqua Zonic Sumo G2-4 Aquarium Sump Pump
Max Output: 5000 L/PH
Power Consumption: 100w
Max Head: 4.5m

Aqua Zonic SUMO Amphibious Water Pump (3000 lph)

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