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Blue Planet Pond Algae Control Blocks effectively control most algae common to freshwater fish ponds. The blocks kill growing algae and prevent algae from recurring.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: To control algae, add one piece per 200 L of water. This block is best used as a preventative or when algae first appears or after cleaning an algae infested pond. Place pieces to cover all areas of the pond. Blocks will dissolve over 7-14 days depending on water conditions and circulation. If possible control the amount of sunlight or artificial light to reduce the growth of algae. Repeat only when algae reappear. To prevent oxygen depletion remove heavy algae growths mechanically before treatment and aerate the water after use.

Distribute products evenly throughout the pond. Use 1 block for ponds 100-200L, 2 blocks 210-400L, 3 blocks 410-600L etc. DO NOT OVERDOSE

USAGE GUIDE: To calculate approximate pond capacity: Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Depth (cm) and divide by 1000 for litres.

BP Pond Algae Control Block4pk

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