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Blue Planet Pond Crystal Clear 500ml is a fast-acting solution to help reduce residue and build-up from freshwater ponds and aquariums. This effective formula quickly binds to suspended particles in water to become denser and falls to the bottom of the ponds and tanks for easy removal, leaving you with fresh, clear, and healthy water. The key features of the Blue Planet Pond Crystal Clear 500ml are:

  • Safe, non-toxic solution helps to remove build-up in freshwater ponds, aquariums, and bowls.
  • Crystal clear formula works by binding to food and waste particles and increasing their weight in water, forcing residue to the bottom of the tank leaving a clear aquarium.
  • Easy to remove by simply sweeping and clearing the bottom of your pond.
  • Reduces toxicity of organic and inorganic substances harmful to freshwater species.
  • Safe to use in the presence of fish and plants.
  • 500ml bottle.

BP Pond Crystal Clear 500mL

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