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Ideal For:Discus.

Fish Fuel Co. Discus Food is specially formulated for Discus fish, providing all the nutrients for good growth and healthy, happy fish. Astaxanthin, a natural colour enhancer to ensure your Discus look their best, is also part of this special formulation.This premium quality food contains selected vegetables as well as top grade proteins from a wide variety of ingredients. It will ensure your Discus enjoy a balanced and satisfying diet and have all the vitamins and minerals they need to thrive.


110 Grams net – 35 CubesContains: Premium quality New Zealand green lip mussels, trimmed hearts, prawns, fish, krill pacifica, blood worms, spinach, peas, banana, spirulina algae, garlic, wheat germ, dietary fibre and Astaxanthin (a natural colour enhancer). Fortified with leading animal nutrition company Wombaroo’s customised multi-vitamins and minerals formula including essential fatty acids omega 3, 6, and 9.

How And When To FeedFeed

twice daily, morning and night. Only feed your fish the amount they can eat within 3 minutes.Simply drop the frozen cube directly into your aquarium. Your fish will quickly learn to graze from the cube as it thaws. Alternatively, you can thaw the cube in a glass with water taken from the aquarium. The food will quickly thaw and can be gently broken apart with a fork then poured back into the aquarium near the fish. Never use hot water or microwave the cubes to thaw them as this will break down essential nutrients.Take care not to overfeed your fish and always remove any uneaten food to maintain good water quality

Discus Food Frozen

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