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Fluval Phosphate Pads

Fluval Phosphate Pads

Filled with pioneering spirit, Fluval is one of the top names in aquarium product and care around the globe. With reliable technology, carefully researched nutrition and more, Fluval has been inspiring fish hobbyists for over 35 years.

These Phosphate Pads are designed specifically for Fluval 07 performance canister filters. Phosphate Resin infused Pads perform double duty as both an effective mechanical and chemical media.

Specifially desgined for:
Fluval 106/107 filters
Fluval 206/207 filters

  • Phosphate Filter Pads
  • Effective at reducing and controlling phosphate levels
  • Traps floating particles for clear water (debris, excess food and waste)
  • Custom fit to increase filtration efficiency
  • Convenient 6-pack format

Fluval Phosphate Pads 307/407 6 Pack

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