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Ingredients: Nettle, spinach, kale, kelp, soybean meal, shrimp meal, corn, krill meal, squid meal, fish meal, Beta Glucan, and essential vitamins. Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein 35%
Crude Fat 7%
Crude Fiber 6%
Beta-glucan is a type of dietary fiber known to enhance immune function and disease resistance in shrimp.
This combination is a high-quality, nutrient-dense shrimp feed designed to promote optimal health, growth, and disease resistance in shrimp tanks. Feed approx. 5 mm stick per 20 shrimp. Remove food residues after 24 hours.
Keep out of sunlight, and moisture and use in 6 months after opening, please.
Manufactured by: Shrimp Madness
Net Weight: 40g
My personal recommendation: I don’t recommendthis food for Caridina shrimp due to its high protein level, once a week is ok if you really want to feed. It is my main food for Neocaridina shrimp and I get it every morning, for dinner, I use any other food from my line to make sure they get a lot of fiber too.

Shrimp Madness Protein 40g

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